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Hazrat Muhammad Murad Ali Khan Rahmatullah Alayh



Hazrat Khwajah Abu Yusuf Jamal Chishti


Rahmatullah Alayh


Through thirteen ancestral links his lineage reaches Hadhrat Imaam Husain (radhiyallahu anhu). He was born in Chisht. Nasirud Deen is his title. His maternal uncle, Khwajah Abu Muhammad Chishti conferred the mantle of Khilaafat to him.














One day Hadhrat Abu Yusuf was walking in the extreme heat with a group of his companions who were overcome by thirst. Water was not available anywhere. Hadhrat struck a rock with his staff and a fountain began bubbling. Hadhrat and his companions drank of this water.

He grieved much because he was not a Hafiz of the Qur’aan. On one occasion when the grief was extreme he saw his Shaikh in the spiritual realm (Aalam-e-Waaqiah). His Shaikh instructed him to recite Surah Faatihah 100 times for elimination of the grief. As he completed the 100th recitation of Surah Faatihah, miraculously he became a Hafiz of the Qur’aan. Thereafter, he would daily complete the Qur’aan several times.

Once when Hadhrat Shaikh was on a journey he came to a place called Kang where a durwaish was living. Hadhrat was his guest. At night the durwaish’s daughter dreamt that the full moon came into her lap. In the morning she related her dream to her father who went to Hadhrat Shaikh for an interpretation. However, before he could explain the dream, Hadhrat Shaikh Abu Yusuf informed the durwaish of the dream and presented its interpretation. The durwaish performed the nikah of his pious daughter to Hadhrat Shaikh. Maudood Chishti whose discussion will follow next, was born of this union.

Once he became a bit lax in his ibaadat. As a penance for having committed negligence in ibaadat he abstained from drinking water for 20 years.

He had set aside a small enclosure in his house and for 12 years he remained therein in solitude.

Once he passed by a Musjid which was under construction. A roof beam which had been purchased was too short. There was no way of solving the problem. When this was explained to Hadhrat Shaikh, he dismounted from his horse and climbed onto the Musjid’s roof. He then took hold of one side of the beam. The people were amazed and bewildered because the beam was now found to be a metre longer.

His Demise

According to the majority, Khwajah Sayyid Abu Yusuf died on 3rd Rajab 459 Hijri. However, some have said that he died in the beginning of Jamaadil Ukhraa while others again say, 1st Jamaadil Ula. 4th Rabiul Aakhir has also been claimed. His grave is in Chisht. His age was 84 years.

When the time for his maut was near, he appointed his son, Khwajah Maudood as his representative. Khwajah Abdullah Ansari is also among his Khulafaa.