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Hazrat Muhammad Murad Ali Khan Rahmatullah Alayh



Hazrat Alaa ud Deen Ali Saabir Kayyari


Rahmatullah Alayh


He was the nephew (sister’s son) and among the senior khulafaa of Hadhrat Shaikh Faridud Deen Shakar Ganj. He was born at Kohtwaal in the district of Multaan in the year 592 Hijri. He is a descendant of Hadhrat Imaam Hasan (radhiyallahu anhu). His ancestral chain is as follows: Khwajah Alaud Deen the son of Shah Ibrahim Abdur Raheem Abdus Salam, the son of Shah Saifud Deen Abdul Wahhab, the son of Hadhrat Ghauth Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani.














He served in the general mess (langar khaanah) of Khwajah Farid for 12 years. In all this time he never ate of the food because of the lack of express permission. He would always be fasting. Finally when Hadhrat Farid enquired from him in this regard, he said:

“What right does this slave have to partake of anything without the permission of Hadhrat?”

On hearing this reply, Hadhrat gave him the title of Sabir (The Patient one).

A khaadim taking the permission of Hadhrat Faridud Deen, went to visit Hadhrat Alaud Deen Ali Ahmad Sabir. Since Hadhrat Alaud Deen was generally in an overwhelming state of Istighraaq, he was unaware of those who came and went. Hadhrat Shamsud Deen Turk who remained in attendance, loudly made Hadhrat aware of the arrival of the khaadim, saying:

“The khaadim of Hadhrat Peer o’ Murshid has come bringing Hadhrat’s Salaam.”

Hadhrat Alaud Deen responded:

“How is my Shaikh?”

Thereafter he instructed on Hadhrat Shamsud Deen to honour the khaadim. He then again lapsed into the state of Istighraaq.

Thereafter, the khaadim visited Hadhrat Sultanul Auliya. Here he saw a royal system prevailing. The khaadim was honoured greatly and showered with considerable hospitality and gifts. When the khaadim returned, Hadhrat Faridud Deen asked about the condition of his two khulafaa. The khaadim spoke in glowing praise of Sultaanul Auliya. Regarding Hadhrat Alaud Deen the khaadim said:

“He does not even speak with anyone. There is nothing by him.”

Hadhrat Faridud Deen asked:

“Did he say anything about me?”

The khaadim said: “He said nothing.”

When Hadhrat Faridud Deen asked: “After all, he must have said something.”, the khaadim responded: “He only asked: ‘How is my Shaikh?” With tears in his eyes, Hadhrat said:

“Today he occupies such a lofty rank which no one can aspire. It is only within his capability to have remembered me in even that state. This (remembrance in such a lofty state of Istighraaq) is because of the perfection of his love for me.”

It is a well-known fact that after Hadhrat Sabir’s demise, some Hindus had asserted their control in Kaliyar, hence they converted the qabrustaan into a centre of idolatry. As they continued with their evil sacrilege, a lion appeared and killed many among them. The others all fled.

The attribute of jalaal (splendour, grandeur) was dominant in him. Even after his demise, a flame could be seen glittering on his grave. On account of this celestial flame no one had the courage to go to his grave. Once after Hadhrat Shah Abdul Quddْs visited the grave, the flame disappeared because of Hadhrat’s request.

His Demise

Khwajah Alaud Deen passed away on the 13th Rabiul Awwal 690 Hijri. His grave is in Piraan Kaliyar, near to Roorki in the district of Sahaaranpur