Wastay Hazrat Murad e naik naam     Ishq apna day mujhe Rab al-Inaam     Apni ulfat se aata kar soaz o saaz     Apne arfaan ke sikha raaz o niaz      Fazal e Rehman fazl tera har ghari darkaar hai     Fazal e Rehman fazl tera ho to bera paar hai



Hazrat Muhammad Murad Ali Khan Rahmatullah Alayh



Hazrat Shamas ud Deen Turk Panipati


Rahmatullah Alayh


He was of the Sayyids of Turkestan. After having completed his academic career, he set out in the quest for Uloom-e-Baatiniyyah and travelled to the cities of Central Asia. But he could not find solace there. Finally, he went to Hindustan in this same quest and became bay’t to Hadhrat Alaud Deen in Kaliyar. When the time of Hadhrat’s demise drew near, he conferred the mantle of khilaafate to Shaikh Shamsud Deen. Hadhrat Alaud Deen wrote out the authorisation and appointment with his own blessed hand. He also revealed to him the Ism A’zam and instructed:














“The Wilaayat (spiritual kingdom) of Paanipat has been allocated to you. After my death proceed to Paanipat and take up residence there. Don’t stay more than three days here (i.e. in Kaliyar).”

Shaikh Shamsud Deen is among the very senior khulafaa of Hadhrat Alaud Deen Sabir. According to the author of Siyarul Aqtaab, besides being the khalifah of Hadhrat Sabir, he is also the khalifah of his spiritual grandfather, Hadhrat Khwajah Faridud Deen Shakar Ganj.

To what extent can anyone record the karaamaat of these illustrious souls? Indeed, every act was a miracle. Nevertheless, by way of a sample, one or two will be mentioned.

Once he had taken employment in the king’s army. During the severely cold winter season, the section of the pond’s water where he would make wudhu, would miraculously become warm. The servant in charge of the king’s water discovered this strange phenomenon. The king was thus made aware. He therefore became an ardent devotee of Hadhrat Shamsud Deen.

A considerable time had passed in the attempt to capture a fortress. The king appealed to Hadhrat to make dua for victory. After much persistence and begging by the king, Hadhrat simply promised to make dua. He added:

“Attack and the doors of the fort will open.”

The king led the attack and the doors of the fort opened as Hadhrat had said. This episode increased the king’s faith in Hadhrat. But, since his condition had now become revealed, Hadhrat did not desire staying there. He therefore left.

His Demise

According to the majority, Hadhrat Shaikh passed away in the year 715 Hijri. Some say 716 and 718 Hijri. There are also conflicting versions regarding the date of his demise. According to one version the date of his demise was 19th Sha’baan. Others claim 10th Jamaadil Ulaa or Jamaadil Aakhir.