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Hazrat Muhammad Murad Ali Khan Rahmatullah Alayh



Hazrat Shaik Ahmed Arif


Rahmatullah Alayh


He was the son of Hadhrat Shaikh Ahmad Abdul Haq, as well as his father’s Khalifah. He was thus both the physical and spiritual son of Hadhrat Shaikh Ahmad Abdul Haq. Furthermore, he is among his father’s most senior khulafaa. He mounted the spiritual throne of Hidaayat after his father’s demise. He was an authority of the knowledge of both Shariat and Tariqat, quenching the spiritual thirst of creation. An outstanding feature of his lofty moral character was that every person who met him gained the impression that the Shaikh’s gracious attention was mostly directed to him to the exclusion of others.

Every child born to him was a master of excellence and virtue. From birth his children were repositories of karaamaat. Like with his father, every child was born a Thaakir and would die after birth.

Some record his name as Shaikh Ahmad. At the time of his father’s death he was 17 years. Thus, he had already achieved spiritual perfection at this age.

Towards the end of his life, he appointed his son, Shaikh Muhammad as his khalifah handing over to him the ancestral spiritual trust of the Silsilah.

His Demise

There is considerable conflict regarding the date of his demise. This cannot be reliably established. However, it is believed that his death was on 17th Safar 882 Hijri. Among his khulafaa, only the name of his son, Shaikh Muhammad is known. However, it is very likely that he had other khulafaa as well.