Wastay Hazrat Murad e naik naam     Ishq apna day mujhe Rab al-Inaam     Apni ulfat se aata kar soaz o saaz     Apne arfaan ke sikha raaz o niaz      Fazal e Rehman fazl tera har ghari darkaar hai     Fazal e Rehman fazl tera ho to bera paar hai



Hazrat Muhammad Murad Ali Khan Rahmatullah Alayh



Hazrat Shaik Muhammad Arif


Rahmatullah Alayh


He was indeed a most worthy vicegerent of his illustrious and noble father, rif. Hadhrat Shah Abdul Quddْs Gangohi who is among the famous Hadhrat Shaikh  and most sincere Masha-ikh was bay’t to Hadhrat Shaikh Muhammad. Initially he wanted to become bay’t elsewhere, but Hadhrat Shaikh Ahmad Abdul Haq instructed him to become bay’t to his (Shaikh Ahmad’s) physical (i.e. biological) and spiritual grandson (Shaikh Muhammad).

He had gained Istighraaq to the degree of perfection in the spiritual state known as Mushaahad-e-Mutlaq (being in the divine presence with the baatini heart at all times).

When the time of his maut was imminent, his son, Shaikhul Auliya known as Shaikh Buddah, was in Shahaabaad by Hadhrat Shah Abdul Quddْs Gangohi. By means of Tasarruf-e-Baatini (spiritual action) Hadhrat Shaikh summoned Hadhrat Abdul Quddْs and his son to come. Both arrived at the time of niza’ (i.e. when the occurrence of maut is in progress). At that time Hadhrat was overwhelmed in the state of Istighraaq and Sْkr. He would repeatedly revive from these states and comment:

“Al-hamdulillah! I have understood.”

When Hadhrat Shaikh Gangohi asked him what he had understood, he said:

“I have understood Tauheed.”

Hadhrat Shaikh Muhammad entrusted all his spiritual trusts and treasures including the Ism-e-A’zam (which were handed down by the Masha-ikh in lam Shaikh Abdul Quddْs Gangohi. Hadhrat Gangohisuccession) to Hadhrat Qutbul  requested permission to settle elsewhere, saying that he would not be able to live here (in Radoli) on account of the sorrow and grief which the memory of his Shaikh would kindle in him. Hadhrat consented and also entrusted his son, Buddah to Hadhrat Gangohi with the instruction to leave him in Radoli after he became qualified for spiritual vicegerency. Hadhrat Gangohi fully complied with his Shaikh’s instruction. In the opinion of some, Hadhrat Shaikh Buddah had in fact acquired the mantle of Khilaafat from his father.

His Demise

The correct date of his demise is not known. However, in the Shajaraat (Documents listing the names of the Silsilah) 898 Hijri is cited as the year of his death. In some Shajaraat, even the date 17th Safar is given. Among his Khulafaa only Hadhrat Shah Abdul Quddْs Gangohi is known