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Hazrat Muhammad Murad Ali Khan Rahmatullah Alayh



Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Zubair


Rahmatullah Alayh


He was a grandson of Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad naqshband (RA) and was his ‘Khalifa Azam’ (main successor).  Zeiqad 1093 AH was the day of his birth. He (R.A) was just 13 year old when his blessed father Sheikh Abdul Ali (R.A) passed away. That is why he was looked after by Hazrat Khwaja Naqshband Sani (R.A).















He (R.A) was ‘Qutub’ and ‘Quyum Zaman’ of his time. His (R.A) days and nights passed in worshiping Almighty Allah and in guiding the mankind. He (R.A) had a huge numbers of their followers. Renowned scholars and personalities had great respect for him. Allah Almighty had showered on him both religious blessings and the blessings of this world. Whenever he (R.A) went out, sultans and kings lay down their crown and turban in his way to be blessed and for that his blessed feet don’t touch the ground.

In the malfozat (biography) of Hazrat Shah Ghulam Ali (RA) ‘Dur ul Muarif’ it is written that he (R.A) used to recite 10 chapters (Para) of Holy Quran in the prayer of awabin (nafal prayer after maghrib prayer). Then there used to be the gathering of the males in which he (R.A) gave them spiritual guidance. After that he (R.A) addresses the gathering of the females. He (R.A) used to sleep after half past night for a short period and then woke up for Tahajud prayer. He (R.A) used to recite Surah Yaseen for 40 to 60 times in his Tahajud prayer. After that, he (R.A) meditates till Chasht prayer time and then there used to be the gathering of his disciples for spiritual guidance. After resting a bit, he (R.A) used to pray 4 Rakat prayers with long recitation of holy Quran. Then after reciting Khatm Khwajgan, he used (R.A) to offer Zuhar prayer. After that he (R.A) used to recite holy Quran and then take his lunch. It was the only time of his eating in whole day and night. After Asar prayer he (R.A) used to give them lecture on ‘Mishkat Sharif’ or ‘Maktobat e Rabani’. In short, he (R.A) spent his whole life for the help and spiritual guidance of the mankind.

One day he (R.A) passed on a palanquin from the ‘Jamea mosque’ of Delhi. Hazrat Shah Gulshan (R.A) saw that a person is riding on a palanquin and several palanquins are coming behind it along with a huge number of people surrounding those palanquins and glorious blessings of luminosity of Allah Almighty were surrounding that palanquin such that a Noor (light) is raising from the palanquin high to the sky and the whole street is blessed with its luminosity. Hazrat Shah Gulshan (R.A) wore out his old cover of blanket and said to his disciples to burn it. When they asked for the reason he (R.A) said that this Amir(king)’s palanquin has such Noor(light) that I had not felt in my cover even for once despite the fact that I am worshiping Allah for 30 years within this cover! Someone told him that this person is Hazrat Khwaja Zubair (R.A). He (R.A) said praise to be Allah Almighty that he (R.A) is our Murshid(teacher)’s disciple and our respect is spared and raised.

One of his followers used to be ill so often. At one time his that follower was ill near to his death and it made him (R.A) very sad. He (R.A) took him in his guard of blessings and so he recovered fully well and remained alive for many years. By the time he (R.A) passed away from this world that disciple also died on that very same day.

One person went from his home with the intention of his (R.A) Bai’t(to become disciple). On his way, he met a person on a horse who asked his intention for the journey. He replied that he is going to Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Zubair (R.A) for his Bai’t. The horseman came to the ground from horse and replied, I am Khwaja Muhammad Zubair. The man became very pleased. The horseman (R.A) accepted his bai’t in Silsila-Alia (spiritual chain) of Mujadadia and also gave him ‘Ijazah’. The man thought now that as I am very close to the Sirhind so why not go to the shrine of Imam Rabani Mujadid Alif Sani (R.A) for the blessings. When the man reached the Sirhind he saw a huge gathering of the people who were preparing for burial of someone very important. He asked someone in the crowd and then he came to know that Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Zubair (R.A) has already died. When he stepped forward to saw him he was the same person on whom he did bai’t in his way.

One of his beloved followers Muhammad Adil Akbar Abadi, reported that he confronted robbers on his way to Shah Jahan Abad (Delhi). One of them tried to aim at him. He asked for help from Hazrat Khwaja Zubair (R.A) in this distress. Hazrat Khwaja Zubair (R.A) appeared there and rebuked the robbers and they ran in haste.

Similarly one of your beloved followers Shah Makin reported that during my stay in Makah I became very impatient to see him. I used to calm myself with Tawaf (circling) of Bait ul Allah but in vain. In that unease condition what I saw was that he (R.A) was also doing Tawaf with me. When I stepped forward to kiss his blessed feet he disappeared. When I reached to my place, again I saw him doing the Tawaf, I again move forward and again he disappeared. This thing happened many times. Apart from me, many other people also saw him doing the Tawaf.

The Khulfas of Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Zubair (R.A) are very famous especially Hazrat Khwaja Zia ul Allah Naqshbandi (R.A) whose Khalifa include Hazrat Shah Muhammad Afaq (R.A) then Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Nasir Andleeb (R.A) whose son and Khalifa is Hazrat Khwaja Mir Dard Dehlvi (R.A). And also Khwaja Abdul Adal (R.A) whose Khalifa is Hazrat Shah Abdul Qadir Dehlvi, the translator of the Quran and son of Hazrat Shah Wali ul Allah Dehlvi (R.A).

In Delhi on 4 Zeiqad 1152 AH he (R.A) passed away, from where his blessed body was migrated and buried in Sirhind.