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Hazrat Muhammad Murad Ali Khan Rahmatullah Alayh



Hazrat Shah Muhammad Aafaq Dehlvi


Rahmatullah Alayh


Hazrat Shah Muhammad Aafaq Dehlvi was born on 1160 AH. He entered in the spiritual mentorship of Hazrat Khwaja Zia ul Allah Naqshbandi. Hazrat Khwaja Zia ul Allah gave him Khilafat (spiritual successor) soon after. He was among the prominent Khulfas (spiritual successors) of Hazrat Khwaja Zia ul Allah.












Almighty Allah blessed Hazrat Shah Muhammad Aafaq with great fame, worldwide. Humanity, from Delhi to Kabul, was blessed because of him. The extent of his spiritual greatness can be assessed to some by the fact that Hazrat Shah Ghulam Ali used to send some of his Murids (spiritual students/seeker) in his respected fellowship for spiritual education and completeness. These Murid were educated by him but was considered prepared only when he consider it.

When he went to the Afghanistan then so many people became his Murid (spiritual students/seeker) and even the king of Afghanistan Shah Zaman also got opportunity for his Bai’t (to become his Murid). In the Suluk (spiritual path), he was very firm, determined and active like his spiritual mentor and theirs mentors. Moulana Shah Fazal Rehman reported that our Sheikh (mentor) used to recite Durood for 10,000 times, Kalima for 50,000 and 10 Para (chapters) of holy Quran in Tahajud prayer every day without coming in the notice! 10 chapters of holy Quran were used to be recited so early that an ordinary person would think that only one chapter would have been recited. Hazrat Moulana Shah Fazal Rehman also reported that our Hazrat Shah Muhammad Aafaq used to do everything according to Sunnah of Prophet.                      

He lay so much emphasize on the aspect of Tasawur Sheikh. He used to do Zikr Shish Jahat i.e. Latifa Alam. After that he used to do Nafi Asbat Bajis Dam BA Adad Taq i.e. to do 21 times in single DAM. There were four ways of his Tawajah (meditation) i.e. sight, lingual, heart and spiritual.

Hazrat Moulana Shah Fazal Rehman reported that I had five rupee in Delhi and I was worried to send it to my respected mother. Hazrat Shah Aafaq asked me about my worry. I described it then he said give it to him so that he gave it to my mother. After one month, he informed me that my money has reached but I understood instantaneously that the money has already reached. After that when I went to the home then it came to my knowledge that respected Hazrat had himself sent the money in hand by calling on the door on the same night! And also told my mother that her son is in good health.

He passed away from this unreliable world on Muharram 7, 1251 AH. His shrine is on the back of small mosque attached to the flour mill in Mughalpura near Sabz Mandi of Delhi.