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Hazrat Muhammad Murad Ali Khan Rahmatullah Alayh


Hazrat Shah Sikandar Kaithaly


Rahmatullah Alayh


In tenth century A.H. in the rein of Mughal emperor Akbar, a movement in the name of "Din-e-Ilahi" against Islam emerged in the sub continent. Its mission was to revert the Muslims from Islam. In this critical era, the eminent personality, who along with other sages counteracted this mischief was Hazrat Shah Sikandar Qadri Kaithali. Before his birth, the Holy Prophet (SAW) and Hazrat Ali (R.A) had imported happy tidings to his mother that a blest son would born to her whose radiance would be like that of sun.












 Shah Sikandar was born on 29th of Shaban 959 A.H. has patronymic appellation (Kunyyat) was Abdul Hasnaat and is known by the title name of Raus-ul-Auliya and Mahboob-e-Elahi. He never sucked milk in day time during the month of Ramadan, but took it at the time of evening prayer. It means he strictly followed Shariah in his infancy. He was grandson of Hazrat Shah Kamal Kaithali, and son of Ameer-ul-Arifeen Hazrat Shah Imad-ud-Deen. He is his childhood was spiritually benefited by his grandfather and got mystic cloak of servitude and Faqr from him. Once his grandfather was making ablution by the bank of a water tank while his turban was lying nearby. Shah Sikandar was playing there. He got near and put the turban on his head. The grandfather smiled and said "O Dear! This is now your turban, I congratulate you."

Once before his birth, his grandfather asked his son Imdad-ud-Deen "congratulation to you that you will be the father of such a son whose spiritual excellence will be acknowledged across the world." Spiritual radiance of Shah Sikandar was like that of sun whose rays dispelled darkness of infidelity and agnosticism. His way of life looked like that of his grandfather. His body emitted fragrance all the time which he inherited from Hazrat Ghaus-e-Azam Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani. His spiritual sublimity can be accessed by the remarks given by Hazrat Mujaddid Alfsani who said "I can see the sun with my naked eyes, but cannot see towards his heart on account of intensity of spiritual radiations."

In his childhood, the teachers of Shah Sikandar seeing charismatic types of occurrence in his person, began to respect him. Mulla Hussaini used to say "This son will emerge as a great spiritual leader of the mankind." The entire city was well aware that a child has born in the family of Ala Hazrat Shah Kamal who does not take milk in day time in the month of Ramadan. When he was admitted in the Madressah, the teacher taught him "Alif". Shah Sikndar repeated the word "Alif". Then the teacher taught him "Bay". Shah said "Alif" is enough for me and there is no need to read "Bay". Shah then explained extensive meanings of the world "Alif" to the teacher which surprised him. When Shah Sikandar mother would recite the Holy Quran, he listened to it attentively. Once his mother saw the child sleeping in the cradle peacefully while a black snake fanning the flies. God had bestowed on him such miraculous eyes that on whomsoever he cast, changed his lot. The sinner repented and infidel turned Muslim. Love for the Ghous-e-Azam had deeply occupied Qazi Sadaruddin Lahori. He used to convey reward of recited verses and virtue to the soul of Hazrat Ghous-e-Azam. One day he saw Ghous-e-Azam in dream who said to him "You go to Kaithal and visit my son Shah Sikandar, his tongue is that of mine."

Shah Sikandar spent long span of time in austerities and became spiritual guide for training of the hearts and their moral purification in such a way that tyrants and oppressors abdicated tyranny and turned humble and pious. Negligent and careless folks became heedful towards religious obligation and those filled with agreed and excessive selfish desire for wealth turned ascetic and worshippers. In sum, whosever visited him became pious and religious minded. Countless travelers of mystic path were enlightened and become guide to the aspirants of Sufism. Once, when he was engaged in divine worship in a jungle four thieves approached him and enquired way of the city. Shah asked them to come near. He covered them with his own mantle (Chadar) and made them Wali. Someone has rightly said "In the company of virtuous, evil deeds are changed into good. When saltish water of the sea is converted into cloud it turned sweet."

By nature Hazrat Shah Sikandar used to avoid kings and rich people. Sometime out of courtesy he would see them. Once governor of Samana visited Hazrat Shah and inquired way to attain divine nearness. Shah Sikndar said You people seek divine refuge from us whereas we seek divine protection from the world lings. Qazi Sadar-ud-din relates that his method of speech was attractive. He would explain even uninteresting and complicated subjects exquisitely so that the audience would feel their hearts purified and enlightened. Once Hazrat Mujaddid Alf Sani feel ill. His family lost hope of his life. His father Sheikh Abdul Ahad through a messenger, sought prayer of Hazrat Shah for the recovery of health. Shah Sikandar said: "Nothing to worry about! He will regain health and the religion of Islam will prosperous under his banner." Hazrat Mujaddid Alf Sani had spiritual initiation (Bait) at his hand in Qadriyya Sufi Order.

It is related in the book "Zubdatul-Maqamaat" that one day Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Ahad Sirhindi said "The people usually talk about the spiritual excellence of Hazrat Baba Farid Ganj-e-Shakar, Hazrat Khawaja Nizam-ud-din Auliya and other Mashaikh of their own Sufi orders, but they are unaware of the spiritual sublimity of the sons of Hazrat Shah Kamal Qadri Kaithali." Hazrat Shah Sikandar would especially concentrate towards the cleansing of lower-self and purification of the morals as they entirely depend on purified heart, If the heart is purified, the forces of goodness come into action. He and his Khulafa (disciples), by initiating movement for the revival of Sunnah (path of the Holy prophet pbuh) made record in the history of Islamic Sufism. Thus Shah Sikandar was indeed on epoch making personality acknowledged by all the sages of the time. The corrupted heart, corrupts the man He who took care of it became successful. Hazrat Shah Sikandar following Qadriyya Sufi order gave new life to the dead hearts. Thus great sages and spiritualists of time such as Mujaddid Alf Sani, Sheikh Tahir Bandagi, Miran Shah Ramghari Rajputana, Pir Abdur Rehman Kotli, Mulla Idris Samanvi, Qazi Sadruddin Lahori, Mulla Abdul-Fath, Mulla Imam, Mulla Hadi, Mulla Mansoor, Mufti Sadruddin Gujrati etc. remained devotees of Hazrat Shah Sikandar who combated and defied Din-e-Ilahi of king Akbar boldly.

Hazrat Shah died on 10th Jamadi-ul-Awal 1025 A.H. His tomb is located in Kaithal Sharif, India, and is visited by thousands Muslims and non-Muslims before and after partition every year.